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Visit any web designing forum and you’ll come across plenty of talk related to CSS frameworks like 960gs and 1kbgrid. What more, plenty of tutorials have also been springing up left, right and center, along with articles discussing the problems and merits associated with these frameworks! Let’s ponder into them further, starting by understanding what is actually meant by a CSS framework?

Simply put, a CSS framework is nothing but a pre prepared library meant to provide a more standards-compliant and easier styling of web pages, utilizing something known as Cascading Style Sheets or CSS language. As can be seen in the case of scripting and programming language libraries, CSS frameworks (often packaged in the form of external .CSS sheets which are inserted into the header area of a web page) package several ready-made options related to the outlaying and designing of a web page.

Designers often argue whether it’s the right approach to make use of frameworks or not. Many of them can be seen complaining that such frameworks aren’t correct, especially with regard to semantics, as they work by use of predefined classes like ‘grid_12’ for creation of visual page structures. It’s alright to be skeptical about these frameworks and even we used to feel the same until sometime ago. However, looking at some specific cases of their usage you may feel like changing your mind and start considering them as pretty useful.

CSS frameworks are excellent at providing means of putting together the basic structure of a web page’s design in an easy and quick manner. They serve as a good starting point for easy creation of grid-based designs. A large number of well-designed websites make use of CSS frameworks, for instance the New York Times’ official website. Browse through their website for some time and you’ll understand why it is such a good idea to make use of a grid framework.

In our opinion, the best time for using a CSS framework is when you’re in the process of building a website based on a grid design. It should be used even more so in cases wherein you expect the content factor to change from web page to web page.

Looking at different effective websites using CSS frameworks, you’ll realize that it can be plenty of work if you need to create three different column arrangements the conventional way. Making use of 960gs framework or 1kbgrid tool, you can accomplish the same in a far easier manner. Everything will be already present inside the framework style sheet and all you’ll need to do is edit the HTML and make use of different classes.

On the whole, it can be inferred that CSS frameworks definitely have their due place in the field of web design. Although you may not use them in every project of yours, chances are good that they can come to good use in most of your works. Furthermore, if you are working with grids on a regular basis, these frameworks are definitely worth taking a look at.